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At Ferrellgas, America's premiere propane provider, safety is a part of everything we do. Every Ferrellgas propane service location takes part in the Ferrellgas Quality Review, which is a model safety program for the propane industry. During the annual Quality Review process, approximately 240 propane safety and operational items are reviewed at each of our retail locations to help ensure the safety of our Employees, Customers, and the communities we are proud to serve.

Before ever delivering propane to you, our Employees begin the safety process through extensive classroom and hands-on training. When you become a Ferrellgas Customer, our technicians will complete the pre-fill tank inspection and a safety and operational check of your outside propane system to ensure that your propane system is functioning as it should. Additionally, if your bulk container is found out-of-gas or has an interruption of service, our Technicians will complete a FerrellMeter® leak-detection system test.

At your request, we can also provide propane safety training for you, either in your home or at your business. Our propane professionals can teach you, your family, and employees to safely handle propane using many of the same materials we’ve used to help train hundreds of fire departments all across the United States.

Propane Kids

In addition, there is a great site available at www.propanekids.com to help you as you educate you children about the safe handling and use of propane. They can learn a lot and have a little fun to boot!

Safety begins with education

The following e-learning modules are intended to help you better understand propane, the best practices for its handling and use, and your propane system. Each of the modules takes less than 10 minutes to complete. This is important information that you can share with your family whenever and as often as you want. As a propane user, we encourage you to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with each of these topics:

The following information is intended to help you better understand you propane system:

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) explains the chemical makeup of propane, as well as the personal protective measures to take when handling propane and the steps to take in case of accidental exposure on the job. (Spanish), (French)

Call before you dig

Before you dig on your property, please call the Diggers Hotline (811) to help you find the underground lines of all types located on your property.

The size and location of your gas system may require compliance with federal, state, or local laws. For example, underground lines that run under a public place may require that you register with the Digger’s Hotline/”One-Call” Program in your state. Consult the authorities in your state and the Office of Pipeline Safety.

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