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Propane Payment Plans/Service Options

Ferrellgas offers you the flexibility you and your family need to meet today’s ever-changing demands. No matter what plan you choose, you’ll be guaranteed the best service in the propane industry.

Keep Full

As a Keep Full Customer, Ferrellgas estimates your propane usage based on its advanced computer modeling system. We automatically schedule a delivery when our system indicates you need a fill. 

Key points of the Keep Full service plan include:

  • Qualified Customers can experience the convenience and dependability of this plan at no additional cost
  • Keep Full Customers must be credit approved, remain current on propane payments, and your propane tank must be readily accessible to qualify for this service
  • If your propane usage changes significantly, we ask that you contact your local office

Will Call

Will Call Customers enjoy the flexibility of scheduling their own propane deliveries. You gauge your usage and tank level, and then call Ferrellgas to schedule a fill when you need it.

  • Call your local Ferrellgas propane service office to schedule a delivery when your propane tank reaches 30 percent capacity or about five business days before you’d like your tank filled
  • Emergency propane deliveries can be made after hours, on weekends, or holidays should you need it. Please be aware that unscheduled deliveries are subject to an additional charge
  • If your propane tank is empty or service is otherwise interrupted, Ferrellgas is required to perform a safety leak test before placing your propane system back into service


Ferrellgas' SmartFill automatic propane tank monitoring system helps us supply the propane you need to keep your home and business running efficiently. With SmartFill, your propane deliveries are forecasted and scheduled automatically, as needed. In addition, an optional temperature monitoring feature can be activated to detect any dramatic change in your indoor temperature – either hot or cold – to be relayed to your local Ferrellgas team and to you without delay.

Getting started with SmartFill is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. A trained Ferrellgas Employee installs the SmartFill transmitter on your propane tank to constantly monitor changes in the gas levels inside. Designed to be reliable and weatherproof, our system works well with either aboveground or underground propane tanks, and with a self-diagnostic system, its maintenance free.
  2. Through its wireless link, the indoor monitor works in conjunction with the SmartFill information center, constantly tracking your propane tank volume. The system immediately alerts Ferrellgas of a low tank level or a significant system change.
  3. Ferrellgas tracks your propane tank levels and automatically schedules deliveries to Customers only as needed.

SmartFill service is so versatile, it can be used for primary residences, seasonal homes, pool heaters, school districts, farms, public safety sites, and construction sites to name a few. For more information or to check for availability in your area, contact your local Ferrellgas propane service office today.*

*Must be a current Ferrellgas Customer to take advantage of SmartFill service.


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