Statement About Propane Supply and Distribution

You may have seen or heard news reports recently about propane shortages in the United States. Many news outlets are more accurately reporting it as a transportation issue. The United States is currently producing more propane now than at any time in many years. The challenge the industry is facing is moving propane from where it’s stored to the thousands of homes, farms, and businesses that need it. 

These transportation challenges have been compounded by record agricultural propane use in the fall that lessened inventories heading into the winter months and increased use due to current extreme cold temperatures in many parts of the country. 

The transportation challenge has led to significant shifts in the daily price of propane, including prices charged to consumers in parts of the country that are not currently impacted by the extreme cold temperatures. We are confident in our ability to meet our Customers' needs this winter and for many years to come. However, as a result of record wholesale propane prices in some parts of the country, Customers are currently being charged a higher price per gallon.

The National Propane Gas Association, the national trade association representing the U.S. propane industry, has released a statement that further explains the propane supply challenges. You can view that statement by clicking here.

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