Autogas Buses & Fleet Vehicles

Propane powers more than 15 million vehicles in nearly 40 countries. And the reason is clear: Propane provides fleet managers with a cost-effective, clean, safe, and reliable alternative fuel. Ferrellgas has the experience, resources, and strategic partnerships to make your business fleet’s transition to propane autogas a success.

Benefits of Propane Autogas

The FerrellAutogas Advantage

While autogas consistently outperforms its counterparts, choosing Ferrellgas to power your fleet or propane-powered equipment can take your business to the next level.

Autogas Buses & Fleet Vehicles

Propane Fleet Vehicles

Get behind the wheel or open the hood of a dedicated propane autogas vehicle and you’ll be surprised — surprised at how similar the experience is to the traditionally fueled vehicles already in your fleet. The only significant differences between a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle and a propane autogas-powered one are the positive impacts you’ll make on your bottom line and the environment.

For heavier applications, a number of after-market propane injection systems are available for converting traditional diesel engines. These popular systems offer improved power, reduced diesel fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and lower fuel costs when compared to traditional diesel engines.

Contact your FerrellAutogas consultant today to understand which vehicle options are right for your fleet.

Brian Raygor
Autogas Account Manager

Propane Lawn Mowers

With propane mower gas, the only thing greener than the grass you’re mowing is your mower fleet. Outdoor equipment manufacturers across the country are waking up to the benefits of running on propane.

Learn more about propane lawn mowers & landscaping.

Alternative Fuel Tax Credits

Tax advantages are available in most states to those companies that operate vehicles powered by propane autogas.

IRS Notice 2020-8 Alternative Fuel Tax Claims for 2018 & 2019 Activity

Find your state on the list below to learn more about available tax credits in your area.

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Autogas Fuel Options

Fueling with autogas is easier than you'd expect. There's just one twist — the one you make as you affix the dispenser nozzle to your vehicle's fuel tank. Other than that, it's the same process you've come to expect with traditional fuels.

Autogas fueling stations require very little space, are easily installed, and can be integrated with fueling software should your company require it.


Propane Autogas vs. Diesel: Switching Your Fleet to an Alternative Fuel

School districts are choosing a propane autogas fleet because when it comes to saving money and providing drivers and students with better conditions, propane autogas is a clear winner over diesel. Learn why Fort Zumwalt chose propane as the alternative fuel for their school buses.