Save time and worry by choosing SmartFill. Ferrellgas' automatic propane tank monitoring system accurately monitors the supply of propane you need to keep your household, business, or vacation home running efficiently. With SmartFill, your propane deliveries are forecasted and scheduled automatically, as needed. No hassle necessary. If an unusual change occurs, a notification is sent to your local Ferrellgas team and to you without delay.

Here’s how it works:

Installed in 15 minutes by a trained Ferrellgas employee-owner, the SmartFill device is designed for years of reliable operation, and best of all, it’s maintenance free.
The SmartFill device tracks and records your propane tank level throughout the day and transmits the information via a secure, cellular network to Ferrellgas. The system immediately alerts Ferrellgas of a low tank level or a significant system change.
When the system indicates you need a fill, Ferrellgas automatically schedules a delivery for you, helping ensure you have the propane you need when you need it.

Who is this plan right for?

The SmartFill service is so versatile it can be used for primary residences, seasonal homes, pool heaters, school districts, farms, public safety sites, construction sites, and more. If you’re looking for the modern approach on propane tank monitoring, this is the plan for you. For additional information, or to check for availability in your area, contact your local Ferrellgas propane service office or sign up today.* *Must be a current Ferrellgas customer to take advantage of SmartFill service.

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SmartFill FAQs

Can the SmartFill device be used with my underground tank?

The SmartFill device works for both above ground and underground propane tanks. You can call your local office to discuss the details and get set up.

What is the difference between SmartFill and Keep Full propane refill options?

SmartFill is a device that gives an accurate reading of the propane level in your tank while Keep Full is a service program that gives an estimate of your tank’s level based on your typical usage. Adding a SmartFill device is a great way to precisely monitor your tank level – especially if you have a vacation home where your propane usage varies based on how often you’re there. 

Do I need to be on a certain plan to use SmartFill?

SmartFill devices are only available with the Keep Full program. You can learn more about the Keep Full program in our Delivery & Service Options.

Do I need to call to schedule a propane refill if I have a SmartFill device?

Nope! The great thing about our SmartFill device is that it accurately tracks your propane level and sends that information to Ferrellgas. When the system indicates you need a fill, we’ll automatically schedule a delivery for you. It’s that easy.

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