Agricultural Propane Services

Americans rely on our nation’s farmers – and farmers rely on Ferrellgas. We know you need a propane supplier you can depend on. One that understands your business. One that will have the propane you need when you need it most. One that’s been there for multiple generations and served family farmers.

Great service. Great value.

Ferrellgas has served the American farmer for nearly 80 years. We understand that, like any business owner, keeping an eye on the bottom line is an important part of the job. Increasing efficiency and doing business where it’s convenient are also significant factors to consider. Fueling your farm with propane offers an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to traditional sources. All that, and it’s a reliable, clean-burning fuel.  

Thanks to our nationwide propane supply network, the propane-fueled applications on your farm will be ready to go when and where you need them most. And speaking of being there when you need them most, our trained professionals are always just a phone call away.

Ferrellgas can help design a propane system for your agribusiness, no matter what that business is.

Learn more about the benefits of using propane on your operation:

Irrigation Engines

Propane-powered irrigation engines cost less to purchase, reduce energy costs, and increase overall performance.

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Crop Drying

Efficiency is key, especially during harvest, which is why producers turn to propane to save time, money, and bushels.

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Poultry House Heating

If you’re looking for a fuel that can do it all by heating and cleaning your facilities, look no further than propane.

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Livestock Facility Heating & Sanitation

With propane, you can keep livestock confinement buildings warm during cold winter months, clean and sanitize milking parlors, and heat poultry brooders evenly and efficiently.

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Greenhouse Heating & Frost Protection

Propane is clean-burning and chosen by farmers because it is a versatile, environmentally-friendly fuel.

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Fuel for Farm Equipment

Propane is the leading alternative fuel in the country for good reason. It’s less expensive, environmentally friendly, and can be used in a number of ways.  

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Flame Weeding

Flame weeding is an environmentally-friendly replacement for traditional herbicide applications and can be practiced in a variety of growth stages and weather conditions.

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Tobacco Curing

Tobacco curing barns have been equipped with propane since the early 1970s because propane provides consistent heat and is easily adjusted.

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