Greenhouse Heating & Frost Protection

Propane is a clean-burning fuel and chosen by farmers because it is environmentally friendly. Producers growing fruits and vegetables often mention many benefits when asked why they chose propane to heat their greenhouses. More growers are switching to propane, and here’s why:

Increased productivity

  • Propane has demonstrated value to growers for many years, and more recently, technological advances have increased productivity and efficiency like never before.
  • Greenhouse gas heaters powered by propane are versatile – they can be installed or purchased as portable units, giving growers customizable, convenient options that are safe and reliable.

Decreased environmental impact

  • Farmers rely on propane-powered combined heat and power (CHP) systems because they can operate at 70-80 percent efficiency while using less fuel to produce each unit of output.
  • Propane-powered CHP systems emit 44 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than grid electricity, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for producers.

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