Livestock Facility Heating & Sanitation

According to the Propane Education & Research Council, more than 62 percent of agriculture producers use propane for heating livestock confinement buildings. Keeping animal containment areas heated during cold winter months, cleaning and sanitizing dairy milking parlors, and providing warm baths for horses are just a few of the ways propane is used on a livestock operation. For producers looking for efficient heat, propane is a sustainable option, and here’s why:


  • Standard propane water heaters can typically be operated for half the cost of an electric water heater, which can result in big savings.
  • Fueled by propane, variable rate technology allows for more consistent and fuel-efficient heating. This allows farmers to reduce their production costs through improved temperature control.
  • In poultry operations, propane brooders are highly efficient because they provide more even heat over a larger area. Propane heaters are also more reliable because they will continue to operate during electric power outages.
  • Propane-fueled incinerators offer a much simpler, more sanitary, and less costly way of disposing animal waste than compost facilities.


  • Propane-powered tankless water heaters emit 37 percent fewer greenhouse gases than electric units. And, propane-powered combined heat and power (CHP) systems emit 44 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than grid electricity.
  • Anaerobic digesters are being used to convert animal, plant, and food waste to usable, renewable energy. Because propane burns at a stable temperature, propane-fueled boilers are used as the heat source for this process, which can convert up to eight tons of waste per day, producing enough energy to power approximately 80 homes while reducing solid waste in landfills and greenhouse gas emissions.

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