Poultry House Heating

For years poultry producers have used and trusted propane as the main source of heat in their buildings. But that’s not all it can be used for. Propane-powered poultry house sanitizers utilize propane in a different way – cleaning. As anyone with livestock knows, preventing and controlling disease is essential. If you’re looking for a fuel that can do it all by heating and cleaning your facilities, look no further than propane. Here are a few more reasons why propane is the smart choice for your operation:

Higher efficiency

  • Propane brooders are highly efficient because they provide more even heat over a larger area with fewer units, keeping young chicks warm and healthy.
  • Propane heaters are also more reliable because they will continue to operate, even during electric power outages.
  • The propane-fueled poultry house sanitizer generates heat from propane flames housed under a steel hood to sanitize poultry litter. The intense heat kills pathogens, reduces ammonia levels, and controls harmful diseases that can affect bird weight and vitality.

Lower input costs

  • Compared to forced-air furnaces, propane infrared poultry brooders lower fuel costs 15-25 percent. And since poultry processing is one of the most energy-intensive agricultural processes, using propane can equal big savings for producers.
  • The poultry house sanitizer also provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical disinfectants – all while eliminating the risk of chemical residue as well as water and soil contamination.

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