Propane Fleet Vehicles

Get behind the wheel or open the hood of a dedicated propane autogas vehicle and you’ll be surprised — surprised at how similar the experience is to the traditionally fueled vehicles already in your fleet. The only significant differences between a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle and a propane autogas-powered one are the positive impacts you’ll make on your bottom line and the environment.

Even a close look in the engine compartment of a dedicated autogas vehicle reveals few differences from those you’re used to. You might notice the liquid propane injection-specific fuel rail, but other than that, the new generation of vehicles are the same as those you’ve always worked with. They offer the same torque and towing and similar range, while requiring less down time for scheduled maintenance and offering a solid return on your investment over the life of the vehicle.

For heavier applications, a number of after-market propane injection systems are available for converting traditional diesel engines. These popular systems offer improved power, reduced diesel fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and lower fuel costs when compared to traditional diesel engines.

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Brian Raygor
Autogas Account Manager