Ferrellgas Leadership

For nearly 80 years, Ferrellgas has grown significantly, and we recognize the secret to that success is people. Our leaders draw from their unique expertise, talents, and skills to help plan and execute strategies that keep us on the path toward continued success.

Meet our leadership team.


James E. Ferrell, Chairman, Interim Chief Executive Officer & President

Geoffrey L. Berger, Executive Vice President, Blue Rhino & Senior Vice President, Ferrellgas

Daniel Giannini, President, Bridger Logistics, LLC

Trent D. Hampton, Senior Vice President, Legal & Risk

Alan C. Heitmann, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President

Randy V. Schott, Senior Vice President, Retail Operations

Retail & Corporate Leadership

Ben Guzzi, Region Vice President, North Central

Bryan Wright, Region Vice President, South Central

Eric Ellis, Region Vice President, Southwest

Joe Westby, Region Vice President, Northwest

Kevin Tobolski, Region Vice President, South

Marcin Grucela, Region Vice President, Southeast

Ray Galan, Region Vice President, West

Tim Sayers, Region Vice President, Northeast

Cathy Brown, Senior Vice President, Tax & Treasury

Jack Herrold, Senior Vice President, Finance & Investor Relations

Eric Kruger, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning (Board Secretary)

Mark Tucker, Senior Vice President, Sales (Blue Rhino)

Josh Allison, Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Scott Brockelmeyer, Vice President, Marketing & Media Relations

Sarah Knight, Vice President, Customer Experience & Employee Development

Robin Lewis, Vice President, Procurement, Fleet & Asset Management

Jim Saladin, Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Randy Warner, Vice President, Safety

Tamria Zertuche, Vice President, Information Technology

Bridger Logistics Leadership

Dan Giannini, President

Les Patterson, Senior Vice President, Pipelines and Terminals

Jimmy Ainsworth, Vice President, Transportation (FNA)

Guillermo Grossi, Vice President, Crude Oil Marketing

Jerry Koppinger, Vice President of Business Development and Transportation

Brian Numrich, Vice President, Trading and Distribution (FNA)

Travis Ochs, Vice President, Wholesale and Supply (FNA)

Les Patterson, Senior Vice President, Pipeline Terminals, Construction & Procurement

Otis Randle, Vice President, Environmental Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Russ Shelton, Vice President, Trucking Operations

Board of Directors, Ferrellgas Partners

James E. Ferrell (Chairman)

Pamela A. Breuckmann

Stephen M. Clifford

A. Andrew Levison

John R. Lowden

Michael F. Morrissey

David L. Starling