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Indoor Propane Fireplaces

Cozy up to a propane fireplace and enjoy all the things you love about a real fire with none of the hassle. With propane, you can say goodbye to tossing logs into the fire and hello to putting your feet up and relaxing in efficient, environmentally friendly warmth. And unlike electric models, propane fireplaces can provide your family with heat and light even when the power goes out.

Warm up with these quick facts about propane fireplaces:

  • Propane fireplaces deliver five times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces and six times the heating capacity of wood-burning fireplaces.
  • The remote control feature of propane fireplaces allows you to regulate heat output and maintain a consistent room temperature.
  • Propane-powered fireplaces offer Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings of more than 90 percent. By comparison, wood-burning fireplaces only offer 15 percent FE.
  • Propane has a smaller environmental footprint and produces fewer particle emissions and less carbon monoxide than wood-burning units.
  • Propane fireplaces offer the best in versatility for homeowners because they can be installed indoors or outdoors. They’re convenient to use in either space and provide a real flame without a real mess.

Find these stats and more about the energy saving benefits of propane fireplaces at Propane.com.

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