Outdoor Kitchens

Because propane is a clean, reliable fuel, it’s no surprise that the Propane Education & Research Council reports that 53 percent of outdoor appliances use propane. Powered by your home’s propane supply, a full outdoor kitchen gives you all the benefits of your indoor propane appliances – with the added benefit of enjoying the outdoors while you cook.

Advantages of a propane outdoor kitchen:

  • A propane-powered outdoor kitchen gives you more space for entertaining guests and for serving those freshly-grilled-with-propane burgers and steaks.
  • Outdoor kitchens improve the value of your home. Not only can you enjoy this space for many years to come, but if you ever choose to sell, it’s nice to know that an outdoor kitchen gives you a higher rate of return on your investment.
  • With a propane-powered outdoor kitchen, you can conveniently keep the mess and any kitchen odors outdoors.
  • An outdoor propane kitchen can save you money on utility bills. Not only because of the already low cost of propane, but also because spending more time outside means giving your A/C system a break from keeping your family cool and comfortable.

Find these stats and more about the energy saving benefits of propane outdoor kitchens at Propane.com.

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