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Benefits of Propane Water Heating

Water Heating Article Image

Greater energy savings, higher performance, and a reduced carbon footprint – if you’re looking for all those things, it might be time to take a look at the superior value of a propane-powered water heater. Both storage tank and tankless propane water heaters provide exceptional benefits compared to electric and oil heating units.

The benefits of propane are heating up:

  • Propane-powered water heaters use less energy, cost less to operate, emit less carbon dioxide, and even take up less floor space.
  • A 40-gallon propane water heater delivers the same amount of hot water as a 50-gallon electric unit.
  • Tankless propane water heaters deliver endless amounts of hot water because water is only heated when you need it.
  • ENERGY STAR® propane units save about 13-16 percent in annual energy costs compared with electric and heating oil units. Tankless units save more than $150/year in energy costs compared with electric storage models.
  • Propane-fueled tankless water heaters produce 50-60 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions compared with similar electric systems.

Find these stats and more about the energy saving benefits of propane water heating at Propane.com.

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