Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day with the Ferrellgas Family and Blue Rhino Herd

We can’t celebrate Employee Appreciation Day without shining the spotlight on a few of our hardworking and committed employee-owners. Each day, these incredible individuals show their dedication to both our company and customers.

Jacob C., Bulk & Cylinder

“One thing I like about working at Ferrellgas is the way everyone works as a team to get stuff done, even when it seems impossible. I appreciate being recognized for the hard work I put in,” said Jacob, who has been with us since 2019. He thanks Rodney W. (Bulk & Cylinder Driver) and Nick W. (District Manager) for being positive influences on his success at Ferrellgas.

Lewis C., Production Assistant

Since 2009, Lewis has put his best foot forward as a Blue Rhino employee. “I love that our company gives us the opportunity to grow when we are willing to work hard and apply ourselves,” said Lewis. As you might expect, Lewis loves to grill. You’ll likely find him preparing a nice medium-rare steak or slow-cooking pork barbecue.

Rhonda C., Senior Customer Service Professional

“I love that I work with a team. We all work together to take care of our customers,” said Rhonda. She has been at Ferrellgas since 2015 and gives kudos to Customer Service Manager Julie S. for always having her back and determining the best solutions for our customers.

Lauran S., Sales Coordinator

Since joining the company in 2022, Lauran has been a proud member of the Rhino Herd. “I love being part of a dynamic team that is constantly seeking innovation, improvement or efficiency,” she said. Lauran is a firm believer that any food tastes better when cooked on a grill and cannot resist a well-seasoned steak!

Dwight H., General Manager

As a member of the Herd since 2009, Dwight is experienced in his role and contributes to our company’s success. "My favorite part of working here is the true team environment. Everyone is willing to reach out and help in any way,“ said Dwight. When it comes to grilling, Dwight says there’s nothing better than a grilled steak with mushrooms and onions.

Melissa B., Logistics Supervisor

“I love the people that I work with at Ferrellgas. I have an amazing team that continually supports me. I learn something from each of them every day,” said Melissa. We are grateful to have her as a dedicated employee since 1999.

The employee-owners of Ferrellgas and Blue Rhino are the reason for our success. Thank you for your commitment to our company and our customers. It’s no secret we are proud of the people who work here. Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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