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Provide your family consistent and comfortable home heat while saving on energy and cost with a high-efficiency propane furnace.

Whole Home Heat

3 Key Benefits of Propane for Whole Home Heating

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Find these stats and more about the energy saving benefits of propane appliances at Propane.com, BuildwithPropane.com, Propane101.com.


How many BTUs do I need to heat my home?

Calculating your home heating needs depends on a number of variables, such as square footage and climate - but the starting point is how many degrees you want to move the inside temperature, and how many BTUs are required to do so. A simple formula to determine your heating needs is:
(desired temperature change) x (cubic feet of space) x .133 = BTUs needed per hour

Is heating my home with propane safe?

Propane is a non-toxic fuel that poses zero threats to soil or groundwater. You can rest easy knowing you’re taking good care of your family and the environment by fueling your home with a clean-burning and environmentally friendly source.

Is propane a reliable choice for my home?

Switching to propane means you’ll no longer need to worry about branches falling on powerlines and knocking out your power. By choosing our Keep Full service you can rest easy knowing we’ll monitor your tank and automate deliveries when you need it.