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Grilling Safety Tips

From the propane education and research council.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Whether it’s assembly, use, maintenance, cleaning, or storage, make your grill manufacturer’s instructions your go-to resource for safe grilling.

Position the grill in a safe location.
Keep your grill outdoors and at least five feet from the house on a level surface that is clear of outdoor furniture, overhead trees, or other potential fire hazards.

Check for leaks.
Use a soapy water solution to check connections for leaks. Expanding bubbles indicate a leak. Follow this procedure every time you replace a cylinder.

Follow proper lighting procedures.
Follow the manufacturer’s lighting instructions, and with all grill models, keep the lid open and don’t lean over the grill when lighting it.

Follow proper relighting procedures.
If your flame goes out, turn off the gas and refer to your owner’s manual. At a minimum, with all grill models, keep the lid open and wait at least 15 minutes before relighting.

Be present.
Stay close and never leave your grill unattended.

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