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Propane Fireplaces

Cozy up to a propane fireplace and enjoy the comfort and ambiance of a roaring fire with none of the hassle. Trade hauling wood and chilly electrical outages for reliable environmentally-friendly warmth at the flip of a switch.


Benefits of Propane Fireplaces

Larger Heating Capacity

Propane fireplaces deliver five times the heating capacity of electric or wood-burning fireplaces.

High-Efficiency Levels

Propane-powered fireplaces offer Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings of more than 90 percent. By comparison, wood-burning fireplaces only offer 15 percent.

Environmentally Friendly

Propane has a smaller environmental footprint. It produces fewer particle emissions and less carbon monoxide than wood-burning units.

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How much propane does an indoor fireplace use?

When used occasionally, indoor fireplaces typically use 25-75 gallons per year. When used for space heating to offset furnace costs, indoor fireplaces use an estimated 150-200 gallons per year.

Is a pilot light needed to operate a propane fireplace?

No, automatic ignition allows the propane unit to efficiently and safely start the fireplace without a standing pilot light.

How often should I get my propane gas fireplace serviced?

We recommend having a propane professional clean and check your fireplace once a year prior to the next heating season.

Recommended Service for Consistent Usage


Auto Fill with Digital Tank Monitoring

Enjoy propane peace of mind with our most convenient delivery option.

  • Hassle-free, year-round service with state-of-the-art fuel technology
  • Ferrellgas professionals monitor tank usage and automatically schedule refills
  • View your tank level anywhere, anytime via our app
  • Pair this service with Budget Billing and/or AutoPay options

Recommended Service for Occasional Usage


Will Call

Get the propane you need on your schedule.

  • Monitor your own tank and propane usage
  • Decide when it’s time to schedule a refill
  • Call the Ferrellgas experts when you need fuel
  • Great for low and occasional usage

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