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Reviews & Testimonials: Real People, Real Reactions

What Our Customers Say About Us

Whether you are using propane for your home, business, school district, or farm, you can count on our team of experts to provide superior customer service that makes your life easier. Don’t take our word for it, in these customer testimonials you’ll hear about real experiences from real customers as they share why they continue to choose Ferrellgas for their propane needs.

Making the Right Choice

After deciding propane was the most clean and efficient fuel for his home workshop, Jeff set out to find the right provider. He chose Ferrellgas for one simple reason; we're easy to do business with. Hear more about Jeff's experience with our simple propane service.

Propane So Easy, the Choice Is Simple

Like many Americans, Jeff lives in a propane home. A reliable provider is important because he lives in an area subject to power outages. With Ferrellgas, Jeff knows our easy and professional service means he will get propane when and where he needs it.

The Dependable Propane Supplier

Customers who stick with Ferrellgas know they can rely on honest and dependable service. Learn why Louise has continued to choose Ferrellgas for her propane needs since 2002.

Smoothest Service You Can Think Of

After switching to Ferrellgas, Bill found hassle-free, professional propane service. Hear why he recommends the ease of our Auto Fill service to anyone looking for a new propane provider.

For All Your Propane Temporary Heat Needs

When Green2Go Rental Power needs to provide clean, temporary heat, they call us. As Chuck points out, Ferrellgas stresses safety, follows all regulations, and its propane provides warmth and comfort. We give businesses like Green2Go propane peace of mind.

The Propane Supplier Fueling Local Businesses

Propane helps fuel Pitts Gin. For Dennis and Ann, having a propane supplier they can rely on ensures business success. Thanks to Ferrellgas’ quick response time, excellent customer service, and many service options, the days of waiting for propane are over.

Powering Local Restaurants with Propane

Don’t let cold temperatures close your outdoor seating. Hear why Mike relies on Ferrellgas to fuel his restaurant’s patio heaters.

A Partner You Can Always Count On

As Agile Packing Solutions continue to grow their product lines, General Manager Rob knows he can rely on Ferrellgas as their true partner in propane. Listen as he shares how our reliable nationwide supply and Auto Fill service are an operation manager's dream.

Propane Autogas vs. Diesel: Switching Your Fleet to an Alternative Fuel

When it comes to saving money and providing drivers and students with better conditions, a propane autogas fleet is a clear winner over diesel. Learn why Fort Zumwalt switched to propane.

How Selling Propane Can Increase Foot Traffic for Your Business

DJ needed a propane supplier he could depend on. Hear more about his experience with Ferrellgas and how we’re committed to helping bring foot traffic in the door of propane refillers.