Will Call - Schedule Your Propane Refills Ahead

With Ferrellgas’ Will Call program, you take on the responsibility of your propane service.

That means you are responsible for gauging your usage and tank level on a regular basis. Then, when it’s time for a refill, you can give the propane professionals at Ferrellgas a call.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Call your local Ferrellgas office to schedule a delivery when your propane tank reaches 30 percent capacity.
Emergency propane deliveries can be made after hours, on weekends, or holidays should you need it. Please be aware that unscheduled deliveries are subject to an additional charge.
If your propane tank is empty or service is otherwise interrupted, Ferrellgas is required to perform a safety test before placing your propane system back into service.

Who is this plan right for?

If you don’t mind keeping tabs on the amount of propane in your tank, this plan is for you. But, if you’d rather have the propane professionals at Ferrellgas keep track of your usage and schedule deliveries for you, you might want to check out our SmartFill and Keep Full programs.

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Will Call FAQs

When should I schedule my Will Call delivery?

If you are a Will Call customer, you should schedule a delivery when your tank reaches 30 percent capacity.

What if I forget to call and run out of propane?

Running your tank empty causes a lot of problems. If this happens, please call your local Ferrellgas office to set up the required services for a refill. You can avoid this issue altogether with our automated delivery service. With our Keep Full propane refill service, you won’t have to worry about running out of propane. 

What if I want Ferrellgas to automatically monitor and fill my tank?

You can call your local Ferrellgas office anytime and make the switch to our Keep Full propane delivery program.

Can I use Budget Billing with this service?

Yes! Budget Billing is a payment option that allows you to enjoy the convenience of knowing the amount of your next propane bill. Payments can be spread over a nine or 12 month period. Visit our Budget Billing page to learn more.

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