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Propane Flame Weeding

Thanks to its intense heat, propane flame weeders can clear weeds quickly and easily, without traditional herbicides, which can contain harmful chemicals.

Why Farmers Choose Propane

Versatile & Flexible

Flame weeding with propane can be practiced in a variety of growth stages and weather conditions from wet soil to high winds. Without the chemical residue left behind by traditional herbicides, producers can return to the field immediately after treatment.


Flame weed control does not damage soil microbes, reduce tillage, or cause moisture loss.


Only using 4-10 gallons per acre per treatment, flame weed control with cost-efficient propane is a financially competitive alternative to herbicides.

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How many treatments are needed using propane?

Most producers who use this practice typically apply two treatments per year.

Is flame weeding with propane effective?

Flame weeding more than doubles the level of weed control obtained using only cultivation.

Is flame weeding environmentally friendly?

Yes, this environmentally friendly practice can replace traditional herbicide applications, and according to the Organic Farming Research Foundation, can be just as effective.

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