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Nationwide Supply

For more than 80 years, thousands of Americans have relied on the nation’s premier propane provider, Ferrellgas, for their propane needs. Transporting from every major U.S. supply point, Ferrellgas’ industry-leading fleet supplies over 800 million gallons of propane annually for residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural customers.



Why is Nationwide Supply Important to Me?

Covered from Coast-to-Coast

Utilizing dozens of railcars along with one of the largest transportation fleets in the retail propane industry, Ferrellgas’ Nationwide Supply allows propane to be relocated from one region of the United States to another.

Dedicated Propane Supply Group

A dedicated propane supply group is responsible for purchasing the hundreds of millions of gallons of propane used annually by Ferrellgas customers.

Passing Down Savings

Supported by a vast fleet of delivery trucks, transport trailers, railroad tank cars, and cylinder trucks, Ferrellgas passes the savings from having a dedicated industry-leading Transportation Department to its customers.

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