Propane dispenser safety


Before filling a cylinder, make sure you are aware of the following information regarding safety and handling procedures, and be sure to check with your supervisor for any exceptions.

  • Know your facility’s fire prevention and emergency evacuation plans, including where and how to operate emergency shutdown and pump controls. Please note that there are different types of emergency shutdown systems. Be sure you know how to operate the emergency shutdown system at your facility.
  • Locate the nearest fire extinguishers and make sure they are in proper working condition. Know how to use the fire extinguishers according to your company policies. Only use fire extinguishers to create an escape route—not to fight a propane fire. The only safe way to extinguish a propane fire is to stop the flow of propane.
  • Before operating a filling station, ensure there are no ignition sources within 25 feet of the points of transfer, or metal-working operations—including grinding, oxygen-fuel gas cutting, brazing, soldering, or welding—within 35 feet.