Discover the People Behind Ferrellgas Jobs

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Ferrellgas?

If you have, we can tell you that we treat our employees with respect and empower them to take ownership of the business in their local communities. We can also tell you that we refer to ourselves as the “Ferrellgas family” and that we take care of our own. We could even tell you that we go above and beyond to pitch in and help each other out when someone needs help or is having a tough day.

We could go on, but we’d prefer to let you hear it straight from the drivers, customer service specialists, service techs, general managers, and others who make up our top-notch team. Listen as people like Paul and Brian and Perry and Pam share why they choose to work here and what being part of the Ferrellgas family means to them.

Finding Your Fit at Ferrellgas

Known as Smitty to all his customers and coworkers, Jeff takes pride in being on a first name basis with those he serves. When Smitty was facing a battle with cancer, the relationships he built throughout his now 23 years at Ferrellgas, helped him continue fighting every day. Joining the Ferrellgas team brings a sense of camaraderie with your coworkers and customers that you can’t find anywhere else.

Serving Communities Across the Country

A flexible job that treats you like family. When Danica joined Ferrellgas as a Customer Service Specialist, she knew this company was special. From helping out customers with her friendly smile, to the bond she’s built with her fellow employees, Danica knows just how much of an impact that a propane company like Ferrellgas can have on people’s lives.

Treating our Employee Owners Like Family

When Bubba needed to be there for his family, his Ferrellgas family was there for him. At Ferrellgas, we understand that there’s life outside of work, and when you join our team, you’ll have the balance you need to tend to those pressing matters.

A Business Where You Can Make an Impact

Having a job that challenges you to grow alongside the business is what makes a Ferrellgas career so rewarding. Eric has had numerous opportunities to serve our customers in his community, and each time, they leave happier than when they came in. Listen in as he shares what makes his job so special.

Bettering Our Communities

Ferrellgas managers want to hear from and collaborate with their teams. Watch as Brian shares how one idea from his team led to an outreach program that benefits the local community.

Commitment to Our Customers and Our Coworkers

Pam loves that her Ferrellgas career has led to personal growth. Hear more as she shares how she's been empowered to learn about the propane business and coach new Ferrellgas employees.

The Sky is the Limit

For Paul, professional growth at Ferrellgas is a big part of why he loves his propane delivery job, but he’s also grown personally through the strong relationships with his coworkers.

When a Job is More than a Paycheck

Listen to Perry’s heartfelt story as he shares why he chose a propane delivery job, what he thinks about Ferrellgas benefits, and how he feels about his job security at Ferrellgas.