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Ferrellgas Culture

At Ferrellgas, we’re passionate about working together to solve real world issues, which is why our teams are dedicated to supporting one another – during good times and bad. Whether we’re helping one community raise funds to send a local teen to the Paralympics, lending a hand while another community cleans up after a major storm, or simply making sure our customers have the propane they need on a cold winter night, we’re here for each other. Because that’s what family is all about.

We’re an entrepreneurial company at heart. We believe in open communication and the free exchange of ideas among those who share a common vision of success. We never stop thinking about what the future offers and what we must do to remain on top. We’re loyal to each other and are proud to help take care of the people who make us successful.

Our employee-owners are committed to continual improvement – they know their work and how to best get it done. We will continue to recruit and develop individuals who believe in leadership, teamwork, personal integrity, and dedication. As a team, we share our vision of tomorrow while working hard to take care of our propane customers today. That’s because we’re dedicated to fueling what matters to them – both now and well into the future.

Work and life balance

What makes you happy? We believe it’s important to balance the demands of a career and family. We seek well-rounded individuals who believe that flexibility is a sign of strength. We work cooperatively with our employees to strike a balance that lets them manage their priorities so they achieve and enjoy in every part of their life.


At Ferrellgas, we believe our diversity is our strength. We’re proud to serve customers in every corner of the United States, and it takes the talents, backgrounds, and perspectives of all kinds of people to make us the best at what we do. We thrive on our variety of experience; no two challenges are alike, so no two solutions can be alike either. It is only through diversity that we can find the right approach and reach our common goals.

Community Involvement 

We encourage our employees to be volunteer leaders in the communities in which they live and work. We partner closely with local and national organizations across the country to help support local food banks, coat drives, and the fight against cancer. We coach, we volunteer, and we sponsor. We care, and we’re proud to make a difference in what matters to our customers and the communities we serve.