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Propane Dryers

Propane-powered appliances – like gas dryers – maximize the use of energy, helping you increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption in your home. And, combined with the low cost of propane, you’ll see a reduction in your monthly bill.

Reasons propane dryers make laundry day a lot easier:

  • Propane dryers save 20 percent in average energy costs annually, compared with electric dryers, making them an efficient, convenient option.
  • Gas dryers produce more hot air with moisture than electric dryers. Innovative steam cycles help relax wrinkles, requiring a lot less ironing on your end.
  • Available in different capacities, propane dryers come with burners ranging from 18,000 BTU/H up to 30,000 BTU/H. This translates to faster drying times compared to electric dryers that only provide heating output levels on the low end of this range.
  • Moisture sensors prevent over-drying of clothes, which not only keeps your clothes in great condition, but also saves additional energy.
  • A propane clothes dryer saves nearly one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime compared with an electric model.

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