Focus on firework safety this Independence Day

The Fourth of July is a celebration with community parades, picnics, barbecues, and fireworks – all things that help make happy memories. Unfortunately, though, when fireworks aren’t left to the professionals, they can have devastating consequences.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires each year, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 16,900 outdoor fires. During recent years, fireworks have also been one of the leading causes of injuries serious enough to require hospital emergency room treatment. And in 2016 alone, 11,100 injuries were treated and four fireworks-related fatalities were reported.

Sadly, these are too often the harsh realities of amateur fireworks. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is through public displays that are put on by professionally trained pyrotechnicians. Many communities hold Fourth of July celebrations with fireworks shows for families to enjoy. Conducted under controlled settings and regulations, these displays offer a safe alternative so you and your loved ones can make happy memories together – safe and sound.

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