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Explore a career selling propane and propane accessories


Few industries can offer employees the stability, benefits, or personal rewards that can be found by working in your community to help businesses and people find solutions with propane and propane accessories. 

The propane industry offers a variety of career options - from the drivers who deliver propane to the customer service representatives who help customers meet their propane needs. Throughout the industry, employees have the chance to deliver energy solutions to their communities, as well as form close bonds with their customers - who often also are their friends and neighbors. Whether it’s a small, family-owned operation or a large propane supplier, you’re likely to find a rewarding and financially secure career in the propane industry. 

Types of jobs in the propane industry

Some of the propane-related careers you might enjoy include:

1. Transport Drivers

In this role, you’ll be responsible for delivering propane to companies that provide propane throughout a region. This position requires a CDL and the ability to travel widely and be away from home for significant periods of time. 

2. Delivery Drivers

This is the person who carries propane to the end user. As a delivery driver, you’ll help get product to homeowners, farmers and ranchers, businesses, and fleet operators. You’ll need a CDL, but the driving is limited to local areas - meaning you’ll be back home each night with your friends and family. 

3. Service Technicians

These jobs often are out in the field, helping customers by setting up tanks and delivery lines, doing repairs and maintenance, and fine-tuning appliances. This position blends working with tools and technology with assisting customers to best meet their needs. Service Technicians are in high demand throughout the country, meaning you can find a great career in this field no matter your location. 

4. Customer Service Representative

This public-facing role offers more direct contact with clients and customers. In this role, you’ll be handling new orders, answering questions and resolving issues. If you enjoy meeting new people and working with the public, and know how to guide people to a positive experience, this might be a good choice for you. 

5. Account Manager

In larger companies, account managers handle the sales accounts for a region. The role requires a considerable amount of travel to different sites to visit with businesses, farms, industrial users, and neighborhoods to help customers understand the benefits of propane over other energy sources. 

Benefits of a career in propane

While some positions can be demanding during seasons of peak demand, as customers increasingly need their propane needs met, these roles also offer a great deal of flexibility. While winters might be busy, and complicated by the harshness of the colder weather, other seasons provide employees considerable control over their schedules. A career in propane is interesting, with each day presenting unique interactions with customers. Many people who work in the industry become known as “propane-lifers” because of its stability, longevity, and opportunity to build long standing relationships in the community. 

Why you should start your career at Ferrellgas

Aside from the personal benefits of a career in propane, the industry offers a buffet of competitive benefits for its employees. Companies such as Ferrellgas provide a comprehensive benefit program, and give employees the chance to craft the package that best fits their needs. In addition to a matched 401K retirement plan, stock ownership, health, dental, and vision insurance, paid leave, bonuses, employee discounts, tuition reimbursement, and advancement opportunities, additional benefits offered by Ferrellgas include: 

  • Best Choice credit: Money paid to all full-time employees to help offset benefit premium costs (regardless of whether they enroll in our benefits or not)
  • Wellness credit: Additional money paid to assist with benefit premium costs (if employee is on our medial plan and willing to meet basic requirements)
  • Employee life insurance, along with spouse and child life insurances
  • Disability plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for medical and/or dependent care
  • Paid holidays and vacation

If you’re ready for a rewarding career that can keep you connected to your community, offers robust benefits, provides flexibility and advancement opportunities, and can weather any economic conditions, consider a switch to propane. You’ll have the chance to help your neighbors power their dreams and join an industry with a 100-year history of delivering reliable energy - and careers - to people throughout the world.  

To learn more about the many job offerings at Ferrellgas, click here.