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5 family-friendly activities to fuel your #StayAtHome


Across the country, homes have been converted into makeshift classrooms, offices, and virtual conference rooms to meet the needs of students and working professionals alike. With so much time spent inside the home now, it can be difficult to find new and fun activities to pass the time.

As a company that understands just how important family is, and one that takes pride in fueling what matters to you, we’ve come up with five engaging and family-friendly activities meant to bring the kids and adults together when we all need each other the most. So get ready to turn off the TV, put down the phone, and enjoy some quality time with those you love from the comfort of your own home. Check out these activities and let us know which one is your favorite!

1. Coloring pages

For kids, coloring pages have always been a way to let their imaginations roam free. With just a few crayons, colored pencils, or markers, you can transform any ordinary picture into a vibrant artistic creation. Of course, we had to stick with a propane theme with these pages, so now, you and your kids will be able to do things like add a splash of color to your grill without making a mess.

Download the coloring pages.

2. Building an origami house

Origami is an art beloved by kids of all ages. By folding just a few sheets of paper, you can create animals, flowers, and everything in-between. Because you’re spending plenty of time inside your home, what better origami art to make than a paper house? With some simple folds, you’ll soon have the paper house of your dreams. 

Pro tip: use construction paper to have a few different colored houses. Just be careful not to give yourself a paper cut!

View the origami directions.

3. Write a letter to someone you care about

Staying at home shouldn’t be an excuse to miss out on making connections. For young children, getting the opportunity to practice their writing skills can be invaluable, and with our Ferrellgas letter templates, they get the chance to write sweet notes to mom, dad, and anyone they haven’t had the chance to check in with during this period. Parents, you can take this chance to do the same, and think about those who you’d like to send a letter to. Get the whole family in on the fun and share your favorite letters with us!

Open the letter templates.

4. Make your own homemade playdough

Half the fun from this playdough comes from the experience of making it yourself. With just a few common household items, your kids will soon be able to build, sculpt, and mold tons of interesting figurines. Be sure to have the food coloring lined up and ready to go when creating your playdough – because everyone knows you can’t just have one playdough color!

View the playdough directions.

5. Connect the dots

A classic and a staple of many childhoods, connect the dots won’t just keep the kids busy. Our dotted puzzles will let you see the bigger picture when they’re complete, and might lend itself to a few propane-related questions. For additional fun, have your children color in the photo once the dots are all connected.

Download our connect the dots pages.

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During this difficult time, we remain committed to fueling what matters to you. In addition to these fun activities, let our local offices know if we can serve you and your propane needs in any other way.