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Celebrating those who go the extra mile


It may not seem like much at the time—bringing up the newspaper, a few extra nights of volunteering, getting a delivery done professionally—but doing even a little extra can make a big difference.

At Ferrellgas, we pride ourselves in fueling what matters to the many customers across the country who put their faith in us.

What mattered most recently to local, state, and federal emergency responders in south Texas, shortly after the arrival of Hurricane Harvey, was propane that could be used to cook meals for volunteers and fuel large dehumidification units that help dry out area businesses.

Enter Dan and Ben from Ferrellgas’ Austin, Texas, office.

Phones at Ferrellgas offices throughout the state were ringing off the hook on Wednesday, August 30, the day after Harvey made landfall.

“Multiple calls and emails were coming in,” said Dan, a driver and three-year Ferrellgas veteran. “It was pretty hectic. At some point late in the day, Ben came to me and said, ‘Hey I’m going to Houston. Do you want to go?’ We just dropped everything and went.”

Loaded up with a trailer of eight 1,000-gallon propane tanks, the pair left after hours that day and slowly made the 170-mile trip south. They headed back to Austin after setting and filling each of the tanks and arrived home a little before 4 a.m. the next morning. Both Dan and Ben were back at work later that same day.

Both are quick to point out that Ferrellgas has employees across the country who have volunteered to lend a hand in south Texas, and they flat out reject any notion that they were doing anything more than their job.

“No, we’re definitely not heroes,” said Ben, a driver and 10-year veteran. “We’re Texans.”

Thanks for all you do, Dan and Ben. We’re proud to have you on our team.