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Ferrellgas customers choose us for our ‘ridiculously good’ customer service


Sitting comfortably on his couch with a cup of coffee in hand, Gary, explained why he goes the extra mile to fill his propane tanks at Ferrellgas in a nearby town.

“When I get my gas tanks filled, I always leave there more happy than when I got there,” he said, “and I think it’s because their customer service is so ridiculously good.”

He’s actually traveling further than an extra mile – Gary travels approximately 30 miles from his home in Crawford, Colorado, passing other propane suppliers along the way. Gary, a dock customer for two years, credits his relationship with a helpful customer service team at the Ferrellgas location in Delta, Colorado.

“The guy that works there, Eric, he really has created an extremely loyal customer just in being friendly and being very attentive to the customers’ needs,” Gary said.

Gary is one of our many customers that regularly acknowledge our strong customer service teams. What’s the secret? Our teams live in the communities they serve, making for a perfect and harmonious relationship between customer and employee.

We work with people to help fuel their homes and/or businesses. We not only care about fueling a customers’ propane needs, but also building a relationship one conversation at a time. Which is precisely why Gary trusts Ferrellgas with his business.

“In a day and age with smart phones and lack of attention, people are missing out on how to communicate and acknowledge that people exist,” he said.

Ferrellgas has long been committed to the communities it serves. From hosting customer appreciation days, sponsoring little league teams, hosting benefits for families dealing with an illness, or supporting a number of charities, we take pride in giving back.

It’s not that Gary doesn’t have other options in the area because, in the end, it boils down to one of our greatest assets as a company – customer service.

“I could get a fill any number of places closer, but I specifically only go there now because it just makes my day,” Gary said. “I wish other places were that good when it comes to customer service.”

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Gary is one of many loyal customers we are proud to serve daily. Are you ready to experience an outstanding customer service experience? Find out the nearest Ferrellgas location to your residence or business, and give us a call today!