Frequently asked questions about Ferrellgas service plans

At Ferrellgas we want to make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Plain and simple. That’s why we have offices across the country in local communities with local employees who are willing and eager to serve you. It’s also why we offer a number of delivery options. Because propane isn’t a one-size-fits-all business, we want to make sure you receive the service that makes the most sense for you and your family. To find out which of our convenient plans is right for you, we compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions.

Keep Full

What is Keep Full? When you choose Ferrellgas’ Keep Full program, our advanced computer system does all the work by estimating your propane usage and automatically scheduling a delivery when you need a refill. That way you can spend less time checking your tank gauge and calling for deliveries and more time focusing on what matters to you.

Who is this plan right for? If you’re looking for a full-service, hassle-free plan, you’re in the right place. With the Keep Full program, you can leave the details up to the propane professionals, and we’ll do the work for you.

What do I need to do to qualify for the Keep Full service? Keep Full customers must be credit approved, remain current on propane payments, and their propane tank must be readily accessible to qualify for this service.

Can I use Budget Billing with the Keep Full service? Yes! Budget Billing is a payment option that allows you to enjoy the convenience of knowing the amount of your next propane bill. Payments can be spread out over a nine or 12 month period. Visit our Budget Billing page to learn more.

Will Call

What is Will Call? Choosing our Will Call plan means you take on the responsibility of your propane service by agreeing to check your tank gauge on a regular basis and calling Ferrellgas when it’s time for a refill.

Who is this plan right for? If you don’t mind keeping tabs on the amount of propane in your tank and remembering to call when it’s time for a fill, this plan is for you. If you are a Will Call customer, you should schedule a delivery no less than five business days prior to the date you anticipate needing propane, or when your tank reaches 30 percent.

What if I forget to call and run out of propane? Running your tank empty causes a lot of problems. If this happens, please call your local Ferrellgas office to set up the required services for a refill. You can avoid this issue altogether with our automated delivery service. With our Keep Full propane refill service, you won’t have to worry about running out of propane. 

Can I use Budget Billing with the Will Call service? Yes! Budget Billing is a payment option that allows you to enjoy the convenience of knowing the amount of your next propane bill. Payments can be spread over a nine or 12 month period.


What is SmartFill? SmartFill is Ferrellgas’ automatic propane tank monitoring system. It accurately monitors the supply of propane you need to keep your household, business, or vacation home running efficiently. With SmartFill, your propane deliveries are forecasted and scheduled automatically, as needed.

Who is this plan right for? The SmartFill service is so versatile it can be used for primary residences, seasonal homes, pool heaters, school districts, farms, public safety sites, construction sites, and more. If you’re looking for the modern approach on propane tank monitoring, this is the plan for you.

What is the difference between SmartFill and Keep Full propane refill options? SmartFill is a device that gives an accurate reading of the propane level in your tank while Keep Full is a service program that gives an estimate of your tank’s level based on your typical usage. Adding a SmartFill device is a great way to precisely monitor your tank level – especially if you have a vacation home where your propane usage varies based on how often you’re there. 

Do I need to be on a certain plan to use SmartFill? SmartFill devices are only available with the Keep Full program.

For more information on our service plans, visit the Delivery & Service Options page and click “Learn More” below each of the green buttons. Or, you can always call your local Ferrellgas office to speak with one of our customer service specialists.

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