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Giving Back to the Planet with the Ferrellgas Family and the Blue Rhino Herd


It’s Earth Day, our chance to honor this great planet we affectionately call Mother Earth. Earth Day organizers encourage everyone to find a way to better the environment, whether it be by planting a tree, reducing their carbon footprint, volunteering to clean up a river, or educating others about the importance of recycling. The possibilities are endless!

At Ferrellgas and Blue Rhino, we take sustainability seriously. Our Retail team delivers clean-burning propane to our customers to help them Fuel Life Simply. Our Blue Rhino team recycles millions of exchanged tanks, providing more than just propane to America’s backyard chefs. Together, we are fueling America – one tank at a time – and we’re doing it with Mother Earth in mind.

Proud to be Green
When you think of traditional fuels, you probably picture clouds of smoke billowing out of factories and out of the back of large trucks. But propane isn’t like that. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – or propane -- burns cleaner than other fuels like oil or coal. Propane is a byproduct that comes from refining crude oil or natural gas. Propane is an environmentally friendly choice because it’s clean burning. In fact, propane was listed as an approved clean alternative fuel under the Clean Air Act of 1990.

Using propane to fuel vehicles can also help cut down on carbon emissions. A real-world study by West Virginia University found that school buses fueled by propane autogas cut 96% more nitrogen oxide emissions than clean diesel-powered buses. They can also help cut down on other types of emissions and particulate matter that ends up in the air.

Grilling with Blue Rhino propane can help fuel backyard fun and stay green at the same time. Not only do we recycle millions of exchanged Blue Rhino tanks every year, but we also give backyard grillers the ability to feed their family and friends without sending harmful chemicals or greenhouse gases into the air. Propane is non-toxic, so it doesn’t contaminate the water and soil. So you can feel good hosting your next backyard barbecue or firing up your patio heater to ward off that spring chill in the air.

Ferrell Fuels Change
This year, we’re encouraging all our employee-owners to spend at least one hour giving back to their communities in honor of Earth Day. Even single acts of service can really add up, and we collectively hope to have a big impact on the world around us. No effort is too small! We’re calling it #FerrellFuelsChange, and we’re encouraging our employees to use that hashtag and share how they’re making an impact on social media. Throughout the month of April, leading up to Earth Day, you’ll see our employee-owners out and about, making a difference. They may be planting trees in a local park, picking up trash on the side of the road, building bird houses to encourage native birds to build nests, or spreading Earth Day news online.

Take a look at how some of our employees are already giving back!

The Ferrellgas Century Project
As part of the Ferrellgas Century Project, Ferrellgas and Blue Rhino are Fueling Change. We want to leave this earth a better place than we found it. The future of the planet is important for us, our families, and our business. We are proud to work toward a brighter future and a greener tomorrow.

On this Earth Day, we thank you for doing business with our company! By choosing environmentally friendly propane, you’re playing an important role in keeping our planet safe, healthy, and secure for generations to come. Happy Earth Day, everyone!