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Healthy grilling tips on a gas grill


Grilling has always been a fun and delicious way to make your next meal. At Ferrellgas, we’re big believers that your propane-powered grill should have a place in your backyard or patio all year long. But as you start adding up the ingredients, you’ll want to make sure you’re not adding up the pounds. Here are a few steps to follow so your next cookout can be both healthy and delicious.

1. Do your research.

Creating a masterpiece of a meal doesn’t start at the grill, but rather, the grocery store. Instead of roaming through the entire supermarket with your shopping cart, identify the items you’ll need beforehand and stick to your game plan. That way, you’ll spend less time and money on things that could make your next cookout unhealthy.

2. Pick the right source of protein.

No barbecue is complete without a hearty slab of meat, but choosing the healthier option is where things can get tricky. We recommend switching things up with fishskinless chicken breast and lean ground poultry at your next cookout. These meats contain less fat and fewer calories, all while making you feel just as full.

3. Don’t hate. Marinate!

The best alternative to an all-salt seasoning is using a dry rub or marinade. This will create a more flavorful taste and make the meat more tender and juicy.  If you’re in the market for a great beef marinade, we’ve got just the one for you!

4. Portion control.

We’re all guilty of tossing a few too many items on our plate and getting that sluggish feeling afterward. By eating the proper portions of meats, fruits, veggies and even a little dessert, you’ll not only feel better after your meal, but also for years to come.

5. Selecting the right sides.

You’ve got tons of options for the side dish that’ll accompany your next entrée. That loaded baked potato or mac and cheese may be a classic at all your barbecues, but consider switching those out for more veggies. Pairing your main dish with something like this grilled persimmon salad will go a long way toward staying healthy.

6. Cleaning up.

As tired as you may feel after dinner, cleaning your grill is an important part of maintaining a healthy cookout. The excess fluids that build up on the rack or grill pan can cause burning, smoking or bitter flavors during your next use. Take a look at how Stan Hays, co-founder and CEO of Operation BBQ Relief, cleans off his grill after serving hundreds of delicious meals to those affected by natural disasters. 

For additional tips and tricks for your next cookout, visit our recipes page, and don’t forget to add a healthy twist to your favorite dish.