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How to paint a propane tank


Maybe you’ve seen the pictures of propane tanks painted and decorated to match landscaping and a backyard. 

Aesthetically pleasing? Creative and fun? Possibly. 

But safe? Not exactly. Unfortunately, there are safety concerns when considering painting your propane tank. Don’t get us wrong, you can certainly paint a propane tank, but it’s important to be aware of certain restrictions on some colors and paint. 

Why? Because, according to NFPA 58, propane tanks must be painted a heat reflective color, unless in an extremely cold climate. A dark color absorbs heat and causes the expansion of gas, which can lead to the opening of the safety valve and gas potentially being released from the tank.

With the color restrictions in mind, what color might fit best for your property and landscaping? The most common tank colors are silver, white, and light gray. Give it a Ferrellgas look and feel with our classic baby blue color. 

Ahead of painting, be aware of additional rules and regulations at the state and local levels. 

What paint to use for your tank?

There are a few options when considering what type of paint to use for your propane tank. From spray paint to rust-inhibiting metal paint to a paint roller, we recommend using whichever paint you’re most comfortable with.

In all those forms, there is paint specifically made for propane tanks that can be found at your local hardware store.

Steps to painting a propane tank

Before you begin perfecting your paint strokes, you'll want to make sure your propane tank is ready for that fresh look. To do so, follow these steps on how to paint your propane tank: 

  1. Remove rust – Use a wire brush or sandpaper, scrubbing the rust off the surface. If it’s unfixable, contact your propane supplier 
  2. Keep it smooth – Once the surface is smooth, wash the tank with dish detergent and water to remove any grease. Then, rinse with clean water
  3. Be on the lookout – There are areas of the tank that you might want to avoid paining, like the data tag area. In this case, utilize painter’s tape
  4. Paint! – On to the fun part, apply a primer with a side-to-side motion before adhering to the paint’s directions and recommendations on the appropriate amount of time to dry. Once the time’s expired, paint the entirety of the tank
  5. Want to find your creative side? You can customize your tank with images or lettering by using a paint brush  

That’s the nuts and bolts on how to paint your propane tank. It’s always a good idea to consider re-painting your propane tank every few years. And it’s definitely wise to clean your tank as often as possible. No one wants to have an old and rusted looking propane tank.  

We hope that you’re able to still put your personal touch on your propane tank, even with a couple of restrictions on colors. But, trust us, those restrictions are in place for everyone’s safety. 

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