​How to read your propane tank gauge

Propane has been a part of our nation’s energy mix for more than a century now. And whether you use it for space heating, grain drying, or as a forklift fuel, you’ve no doubt recognized the many benefits of this clean-burning, cost-effective energy source.

Despite propane’s many uses across a number of different industries, customers generally receive propane deliveries in one of two ways—they monitor their own usage and call their propane provider when they need a fill, or they enroll in a program that provides automatic deliveries. At Ferrellgas, we call these programs Will Call and Keep Full, respectively.

With those who enroll in our Will Call program, the question we hear time and again is, “When should I call to request a delivery?”

If you’re not a member of Ferrellgas’ Keep Full program, we ask that you monitor your propane tank percentage and contact us when the gauge reads 30 percent. This gives us time to schedule your propane delivery before the gas remaining in your tank is used.

The dome on your propane tank is designed to protect several important components. These include a fill valve, a tank shut-off valve, a safety relief valve, a regulator, and a tank gauge. This gauge will show a range indicating the tank is between 5 percent and 95 percent full. Because propane is stored in a liquid state under pressure and expands in the presence of heat, we’ll only fill your tank to 80 percent of its water capacity. (Read more about that here.)

If your tank gauge reads 30 percent or less, call Ferrellgas right away to schedule your next delivery. It’s that simple!

We realize that making the long, cold walks to check a propane tank’s percentage isn’t for everyone. That’s why we offer the Keep Full option. Those interested in even more security should be sure to check out our SmartFill tank monitoring device. 

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