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Include your propane system in your spring cleaning plans

Flowers are beginning to bloom and the grass is starting to turn green. Spring is in the air, which for most homeowners means it's time for spring cleaning. 

As the nation’s leading propane company, Ferrellgas wants to remind homeowners that there are a number of things that should be done in the spring to maintain their propane system and propane-powered appliances.

Ferrellgas offers the following tips and services to help homeowners with their spring-cleaning efforts.

1. Remove any combustible materials, such as long, dry grass, wood, or debris, that are within 10 feet of your propane tank or cylinder(s).

2. If you have appliances that have not been used since last fall, such as a gas-fired pool heater or gas grill, have them inspected by a qualified service technician before using.

3. Before you start to dig to plant your spring flowers, new trees, or for any other reason, call 811 to consult the Office of Pipeline Safety and have your utility lines marked.

4. Do not store propane cylinders or tanks inside of buildings.

5. Contact your local Ferrellgas office to request a copy of the Propane Safety brochure or download a copy here. This important document provides many proven tips as well as a scratch and sniff dot designed to familiarize homeowners with the scent added to propane.

You’ll be enjoying the great outdoors in no time. Just be sure to add checking your propane system and appliances to your spring cleaning list!