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Make your summer a safe one with these helpful tips


No matter where you call home, there are so many things that are great about summer. From vacations to trips to the pool to preparing as many meals as humanly possible on the propane-powered grill, summer never ceases to be packed with fun.

Summer is also the season when kids get a much-needed break from school. If you have children who will be home for the summer, or even if you have one or more special people in your life who do, here are some important child-related propane safety tips to always keep in mind.

  • Make sure everyone in the home is familiar with the strong, rotten-egg-scented odorant added to propane and knows that they should leave the building or area immediately if they suspect gas is leaking.
  • Show children the various propane-powered appliances located in the home. Urge them to be cautious around these appliances, especially when they are in use.
  • Ask that children keep a safe distance from grills not only when they are in use but also while they are cooling down after preparing yet another perfect meal.
  • Despite how fun and inviting they may look, propane tanks are not to be used as ponies or submarines, or for target practice. Adults are the only ones who should approach a propane tank for important reasons such as checking the percentage gauge or, when necessary, turning off the main gas supply valve.

You can find helpful summer safety tips and moreĀ here. And, of course, if you ever have any questions about propane safety, you can always call the friendly folks at your local Ferrellgas office.

Have a fun (and safe) summer, everyone!