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Propane-powered mosquito traps can expand your outdoor fun


Despite how refreshing timely summer rain showers can be, they can also come with their fair share of headaches. That’s because heavy summer rains create prime breeding grounds for those pesky, blood-sucking mosquitoes.

These unwelcome intruders can do much more than simply feed on your family and guests at your next outdoor gathering. They also put your loved ones (including your pets) at risk for a number of insect-borne illnesses. In fact, experts have seen a more than tenfold increase in mosquito and tick-borne illnesses in the last 12 years.

Have no fear, outdoor enthusiasts, there’s a viable solution to this annoying problem. And best of all, propane plays a starring role.

Propane-powered insect traps are designed to fool mosquitoes by mimicking the CO2 emitted by both humans and animals when breathing. Confused by and attracted to the CO2 that results from the combustion of propane, mosquitoes are sucked into and forever trapped by these devices, which allows for a cleaner and safer approach to fending off insects this summer.

Many propane-fueled insect-trapping devices provide coverage of half an acre or more and are capable of capturing and killing thousands of insects in a single night. In comparison, other bug repellants such as mosquito candles, mosquito bracelets, electric zappers, and bug spray only cover short distances and are not as effective at controlling the growth of the mosquito population in your area.

Don’t be afraid to get out and enjoy everything summer has to offer. Just don’t forget the major role propane can play in ensuring your outdoor fun is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Need a propane tank for your mosquito trap? Visit our Outdoor Living page for all the details on the fuel you need to keep those pesky skeeters away.