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How to Switch Propane Companies


Switching propane companies can be a tough decision. Depending on where you live, there may be several providers available. How do you tell them apart? Which one is best for your needs? Ferrellgas is here to make things easy, especially when it comes to switching propane companies. Read on for some helpful tips on how to switch.  

Why Do You Want to Switch Propane Companies?  

Before you make the decision to choose a new propane company, it’s important to determine the reason why you want to switch. Are you unhappy with your current company’s customer service? Was your provider unable to make deliveries because of supply issues? Do you wish your provider was a little more up to date, in terms of the technology it uses to run its business? By pinpointing the reason why you want to switch, you’ll be able to find a propane provider that best suits your needs.  

Ferrellgas can make switching propane companies easy and efficient. We take our customers’ and employee-owners’ safety seriously. We adhere to the strictest standards to make sure you and your family are cared for. We offer competitive pricing, and our nationwide supply network helps ensure we have access to the propane you need, no matter what time of year it is. Our Customer Service Professionals are top notch and specifically trained to help with any question you may have. We are also a technology-enabled propane logistics company, meaning we use the latest technology to provide our customers with easy propane service. We want to help you cross one thing off your “to do” list by Fueling Life Simply for you and your family.  


What to Consider Before You Make the Switch 

Before you decide to officially switch propane companies, there are a few things you need to consider. First, do you lease or own your current propane tank? If you lease it through your current provider, that tank will need to be professionally removed or relocated.  

What to Do if You Own Your Propane Tank 

If you own your tank, switching to a new provider is simple. While customers who own their tank are responsible for most maintenance costs, they can choose any propane provider to fill their tank. They can also keep their current tank if they choose to switch propane companies, provided it’s in good, working order. Making the switch to a new provider is as easy as picking up the phone, letting your current provider know you’re switching companies, and then placing an order with your new propane provider.  

What to Do if You Lease Your Propane Tank 

If you lease your propane tank from your current provider, there may be a few extra steps if you decide to switch companies. You won’t be able to keep your current tank, so you’ll need to work with your current provider so they can disconnect and remove it. Once you decide on a new propane provider, that company will need to come to your home, set up a new tank, fill it, hook it up to your propane-powered appliances, and make sure everything is working properly, if you decided to lease your tank from them.  

When you’re researching a company to switch to, it’s important to look at the whole picture. Ask yourself, “Does this company offer what I truly need?” There are several things our customers love about doing business with Ferrellgas. For example, we offer our Auto Fill program to qualified customers. Using an advanced computer system, we estimate your propane usage based on the size of your home, how many propane-powered appliances you have, and other factors. Then, we automatically schedule a fill when your tank is getting low.  

We also offer optional Digital Tank Monitoring to our customers. By electing to have Ferrellgas install a tank monitor, you can track your level at any time from your MyFerrellgas account. It’s that easy! 

You can also use MyFerrellgas to pay your bill, set up a delivery, and more. Simply log into your account from your computer or phone. It truly puts the power of propane in the palm of your hand.


How Much Does It Cost to Switch Propane Providers?  

You’ve made the decision to switch to a new propane company. Congratulations! But how much is it going to cost? The first thing you’ll need to determine is if your current provider charges any termination fees.  

You’ll also need to find out if any tank removal or installation fees will apply. To help determine which fees you are responsible for, you should check your contract with your current provider or give them – and your new provider – a call. And to learn more about what goes into installing a propane tank, click here.  

Let Us Help You Make the Switch!  

Give us a call! Ferrellgas can help with the switchover and determine which size propane tank is best for your needs. We’ll ask a few questions about your current propane use, the size of your home, and how many propane-powered appliances you have, among other items, to help us figure out which size is right for you. We can also help coordinate swapping out tanks and scheduling your first fill. We have a trained team of Customer Service Professionals who handle these types of calls every day, so we’re happy to help you through the process. You’ll also need to contact your current propane provider to let them know you will no longer be doing business with them.  

When the day arrives, Ferrellgas requires an adult to be home for the duration of the switchover. It may take a few hours, and we may need to access your home to make sure your appliances are set up correctly. Safety is always top of mind, so we want to be sure everything is in working order. To find out more on what to expect when you switch to Ferrellgas, click here.  

Are You Ready to Become a Customer?  

So, are you ready to switch to Ferrellgas? We’d love the opportunity to Fuel Life Simply for you and your family. Simply contact one of our Customer Service Professionals to get started, and start enjoying the benefits of being a Ferrellgas customer today!  


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