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The year-round maintenance guide for your propane-powered home


Propane is a reliable fuel and a top option for those who live outside the natural gas grid but wish to enjoy the many benefits that come with using propane appliances. A portable fuel source that’s been used for more than a century, propane can be delivered virtually anywhere, giving homeowners both the convenience and flexibility they deserve.

But did you know propane does so much more than provide much-needed heat during the coldest months? Although we’re proud to say it continues to do that quite well, when you take a closer look, it’s easy to see the many benefits of year-round cooking, water heating, home heating, and more with propane.

What are the benefits of propane appliances?

Propane water heaters are used year-round to help wash muddy kids and fuel the soothing bubble baths that often follow once they’ve fallen fast asleep. And using propane year-round has its benefits. According to the Propane Education & Research Council, propane water heaters use less energy, cost less to operate, and have fewer emissions when compared with an electric water heater. Makes that bubble bath sound even more amazing, right?

Amateur and professional chefs alike will also be quick to tell you the benefits of cooking with a propane gas flame rather than an electric coil. There’s more than the easy on/easy off temperature control that comes with cooking with propane. That’s because propane ovens and cooktops cost significantly less to operate than their electric counterparts and will continue to operate (and keep your family fed) during a power outage.

Depending on where you live, the propane furnace is among the most important appliances found in the home. From affordability and efficiency to reliability and more, owners of propane furnaces enjoy a number of benefits when compared to electric furnaces.

How does propane maintenance switch from season to season?

Maintenance and upkeep on your propane system is different during the warm-weather months than it is during winter’s peak, which means the timing of and need for that type of maintenance can vary. For example, homeowners in some parts of the country are asked to aid propane deliveries by ensuring their driveway and the path to their propane tank is clear of snow and ice. During the summer and fall, those same homeowners are asked to keep combustible materials such as dry grass, wood, and debris at least 10 feet from their propane tank. Whether it’s time for spring cleaning your propane system or winterizing your home, Ferrellgas has you covered!

Appliances that are used most during a particular season – such as furnaces and fireplaces – should be serviced annually by a professional. Such services are ideally conducted in the summer months before these appliances are needed most. And while we’re talking about seasons, let’s not forget the importance of being fully prepared for an early winter by topping off your tank in the fall.

Year-round tips for propane homeowners

Because propane is a fuel source with several year-round uses, there are also some important things for propane homeowners to think about and keep in mind, depending on the season.

  • Planting new trees or doing major landscaping? Be sure to call 811 before any digging.
  • Talk to your family about propane safety and what to do if the strong odor of rotten-eggs (aka leaking propane) is detected.
  • Make sure any children are familiar with the various propane-powered appliances in the home and urge them to exercise caution around these appliances, especially when they’re in use. 
  • Contact Ferrellgas to discuss switching to Auto Fill Service, our free program for automated deliveries using a tank monitor. There’s no better way to enjoy peace-of-mind than knowing Ferrellgas has your back.

With a little planning and preparation, it’s easier than you think to properly maintain your propane system. Ready to make the switch to Ferrellgas? It’s as easy as finding a location, giving us a call at 888-337-7355, or starting a chat with us from anywhere on our website!


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