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What to know when planning your Labor Day cookout


Why do you celebrate Labor Day? For most Americans, events that surround Labor Day usually are celebrated to close the summer season or to enjoy a three-day weekend. Labor Day cookouts. Water trips. Sleeping in. The list goes on and on.

Labor Day is used as a great day to unwind and enjoy additional time with family and possibly even friends. Whether you’re relaxing in your backyard or enjoying a long weekend at the lake or beach, take this idea into account when preparing for Labor Day: save a meal for an exciting cookout outdoors!

Who doesn’t love some delicious food fresh off a hot gas grill? We certainly do here at Ferrellgas and Blue Rhino. So, this Labor Day, prepare some tasty food on your grill for any meal while enjoying the official close to summer.

Have a theme!

How about a good old-fashioned theme for this holiday cookout?

Whether you’ve explored a theme in the past or want to mix it up, go all out with props, signs, banners, centerpieces, etc. We recommend a U.S.A.-themed cookout to rev up national pride and honor the approximately 155 million men and women who are a part of the American workforce. The latter reason is precisely the reason why Labor Day began back in 1882, nearly 140 years ago. Plus, who doesn’t love the classic red, white, and blue! So, head on over to your local party store or, if you like to plan way in advance, shop online in search of some fun U.S.A. and barbecue-focused party items.

Who’s coming?

As we continue to monitor the current climate, it’s important to consider the safety and health of everyone – from your family to others. Invite an appropriate number of guests based on your local and regional government’s gathering restrictions, and practice health and safety recommendations.

After making these careful considerations, take some time to mull over your guests’ personal needs. You’ll have a good idea of your direct family’s needs, of course, but if you’re serving food to someone that you don’t normally grill for, consider reaching out. They’ll appreciate it.

Recipes, recipes, recipes

The key in executing the perfect holiday barbecue, of course, is nailing down the perfect meal. Choosing the right recipes and foods will go a long way in how your family and/or guests feel about the event. Instead of jumping ship and searching Google for recipes, we’ve provided a few below courtesy of our favorite grillers over at Blue Rhino! They have the best grilling recipes on the internet, anyways!

  1. Grilled Watermelon

Have this appetizer ready to go well ahead of the main course! Everyone loves a refreshing watermelon, especially one that shows off the desirable grill marks. It’s so refreshing because it’s 92 percent water, making it perfect for a late-summer barbecue. As a red food, this will conveniently go perfect with your theme, too. Truly, a win-win.

  1. Patriotic Burger (Courtesy: Bull Outdoor Products)

Speaking of keeping with the theme, add this to your Labor Day menu! If you like crispy pancetta aioli on your patty, try this mouthwatering burger! To go along with your crispy pancetta aioli, which consists of egg yolk, Dijon mustard, diced pancetta, and lemon juice and zest, also enjoy the delicious tastes of blue cheese, grilled red onions, butter lettuce, and Campari tomatoes. What’s not to like?

  1. Beer Glazed Brats and Sauerkraut (Courtesy:

It wouldn’t be a party without an ice-cold beer or beverage. This recipe specifically calls for lager beer, so upon ready to grill the brats and sauerkraut, grab two 12-ounce lager beers – one for the recipe, the other for your immediate enjoyment! The beer should be mixed with brown sugar, dry mustard, onion powder, black pepper, dill weed, and crushed celery and caraway seeds, all going into a bowl. After stirred, pour over the brats, which, as recommended, are on a side burner. These pair well with the patriotic burger, or any other grilled meal for that matter.

Party on this Labor Day U.S.A. style and enjoy your final grill out this summer season. But remember, just because summer almost over, doesn’t mean you can’t be a year-round griller. We’ll fuel your cookouts any time of day in any temperature.

Need more propane?

Since you’re busy preparing for your Labor Day gathering, let us take care of your propane needs. Easily find your local Ferrellgas office, or find a Blue Rhino propane exchange near you!