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Why Choose Automatic Propane Delivery?


Fueling your life with propane can make things easy! It means quick, warm showers, cozy fires, and consistent home heating. If you’ve been looking for ways to bring even more ease to your propane services, consider enrolling in a program like Ferrellgas’ Auto Fill service. It helps you to take one thing off your plate because Ferrellgas will automatically fill your propane tank. Read on to learn more about this free, convenient service available to qualified customers. 

What is Auto Fill delivery of propane?

In short, Auto Fill is a free service that sets customers up to receive tank refills on a routine basis. Here are some of the ways Auto Fill could bring busy homeowners like yourself peace of mind: 

The benefits of Auto Fill:

With Auto Fill, there’s no need to contact us for refills. Our system uses factors like recent temperatures and propane usage history to accurately and automatically schedule a refill. This way, you don’t have to worry about monitoring the tank yourself, and you never have to go without the comforts your propane brings. 

When customers opt into our Auto Fill services, they become eligible to enroll in Budget Billing, which spreads propane heating costs out over twelve months at a consistent monthly cost. Combine both services and you’ve got double the peace of mind. If you’re ready to enroll, contact Ferrellgas to see if you’re eligible.

What happens if I run out of propane sooner than expected?

We recommend scheduling a delivery when your propane tank reaches 30% capacity to avoid running out entirely. While allowing a tank to reach empty may seem harmless, an empty tank leaves room for air and moisture to enter. It also increases the risk of rust build-up inside the tank. An easy way to track your tank’s fill status is by using a propane tank monitor. 

These monitors are available to Ferrellgas customers and include convenient features that allow propane users to check their exact propane tank percentage from anywhere using their smartphone. Tank monitors are not part of the Auto Fill program, and do come with an additional charge, but the additional control and security they provide can’t be beat.


Never forget to refill your propane tank again

Services like Auto Fill guarantee your tank is ready to go when you are, and spring is the perfect time to sign up for it. Whether you use propane to heat your home in winter or to warm your pool and power outdoor appliances in summer, getting a refill in spring ensures your tank is full at the best price.

Propane is a cost-effective fuel, but its price can change. Many people who use propane in winter wait until fall to refill their tanks. However, because of how much propane is available and how many people want it, they often end up paying more per unit than if they had refilled in spring. If you have questions, you can always contact Ferrellgas to learn more.


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