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Why Trezo Mare Restaurant uses Ferrellgas to fuel its top-ranked patio


Trezo Mare Restaurant is award-winning. The Kansas City, Missouri, restaurant has hauled in countless awards for its top-notch patio atmosphere. Recently, the business took gold honors for its outdoor dining experience from Ingram’s Magazine 2019 Best Business contest. It was the sixth straight year Trezo Mare received that honor.

And it’s only more proof the restaurant, in its eighth year, is doing things correctly when it comes to outdoor dining.

Not only is it a perfect spot for patio season during the summer months, but they cover their customers year-round by providing propane-powered patio heaters and fire tables.

“In order for the patio to be successful, you have to kind of deal with the weather,” said Mike, Trezo Mare owner. “So, if the guests want to sit out there, we’ll take care of them, and having those heaters and the propane tanks is a big asset for us.”

A big asset indeed.

Given Trezo Mare’s popularity, ranked the second-best Italian restaurant in Kansas City on Trip Advisor, hungry diners sometimes land on the waiting list. But when it’s cold outside, customers may be more inclined to sit outside to be seated quicker, knowing that Trezo Mare warms the area with propane patio heaters.

“They have a beautiful patio with warmers available on cool nights,” a Trezo Mare guest once commented on Trip Advisor. “There is a large (and) lovely fire pit.”

“Having the guests be comfortable is obviously a huge part of that,” Mike said. “The sales it generates is unbelievable. If the temperature starts to drop you just bring out the heaters, bring out the blankets, you light the fire pit, and you can just keep going.”


Trezo Mare utilizes Ferrellgas’ reliable propane delivery of Blue Rhino propane grill tanks. Mike said that working with Ferrellgas is critical in contributing to their success on the patio during the winter months.

“Having reliable partners is super important in the restaurant business,” he said. “Things happen so quickly and can happen in any given moment so knowing that you have that luxury of being able to place that phone call and get it taken care of immediately.

“If I’m in need of (more propane tanks), I just place a phone call and they’re usually out that week,” Mike added. “The service is good; the guys are really friendly, and they bring the new ones in and (take) the old ones off. Absolutely, Ferrellgas has been a great company to work with.”

Trezo Mare utilizes a propane tank cage on site, allowing for plenty of propane and easy access.

“It just makes it very easy,” Mike said. “If a tank runs out, to switch it out, you don’t have to go very far. There’s always a backup on hand.”

Mike and his team have seen great success in less than a decade of existence in the Briarcliff neighborhood in Kansas City. As the restaurant’s accolades have proved, a comfortable, cozy patio has played a huge role in that. Ferrellgas is pleased to play a small role in fueling what matters most for this commercial customer.

“It’s been quite the evolution,” Mike said. “We were at less than $2.5 million in sales. We’re over $4 million in sales now. We’ve had a lot of success along the way.

“I think the patio is a money-maker. The guests enjoy our patio, and they come to expect a comfortable atmosphere, and so we try to provide that and make the most of it.”

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