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Top Five Uses of Propane: Spring Edition


Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to explore the many uses of propane. From outdoor cooking to heating pools, propane is a versatile and efficient fuel that can enhance your springtime activities. Here are five ways that propane can help you make the most of the season:  

1. Outdoor Heating 

As the days get longer, you can extend your time outdoors with a propane patio heater. These portable heaters provide a comfortable and warm ambiance at the turn of a knob. Propane fire pits are also a great outdoor heating option. You, your family, and your friends will be able to keep warm and make some s’mores at the same time! Fire pits also create a pleasant ambiance for spending time with friends and family. You could cozy up with a good book or enjoy your favorite beverage!

2. Cooking with Propane 

Propane is quick to heat and offers a steady burn, making cooking easy, efficient, and convenient. If you’re new to propane cooking, here are a few ways this versatile fuel can power your next barbecue:

Propane Grill

Forget fussing over bags of charcoal and cans of lighter fluid, we’ve got grilling to do! With a propane grill, kicking off a cookout is as simple as turning a dial and pushing a button. If you’re new to propane grilling, don’t sweat it. It’s much easier than you might think! Propane offers a consistent heat with fewer hot spots, so it’s great for beginners, experts, and chefs alike. You’ll be set up for success – and a delicious, well-cooked meal!

Propane Smoker 

If you love rich, smoky flavors, a propane smoker is the perfect addition to your cooking tools. These smokers are more convenient than a traditional, wood-fired smoker, and offer precise temperature control. This “low and slow” cooking process of a smoker is perfect for cuts of meat like brisket or pork shoulder, but don’t rule out smoking other foods, too. Chicken thighs, ribs, and even vegetables can benefit from the smoky goodness that a propane-powered smoker provides.   

Portable Propane Stove 

If you’re an avid or aspiring camper, a propane stove is the perfect addition to any camping kit. These stoves give you the flexibility to cook in the great outdoors while being powerful enough to handle various cooking tasks. From boiling water to frying bacon, you can count on propane stoves to get the job done.   

Propane Griddle 

Don’t forget about the power of a propane griddle! It’s just like cooking in a cast iron pan, but with one big surface. You’ll be able to cook large meals in no time using consistent, even heat. Using the power of your griddle, you’ll also be able to cook unique items like fried rice, quesadillas, crispy sandwiches, and more! And you’ll be able to expand your outdoor cooking skills by cooking entire meals, like breakfast, on your griddle!  

3. Propane Pool Heater 

If you’ve been looking for ways to heat your pool and extend your swimming season, a propane pool heater is perfect for you. Before investing in a pool heater of your own, take these three things into consideration: 

4. Propane Generators

Spring showers may bring flowers, but they can also bring storm-related power outages. The best way to stay prepared for those outages is with a propane generator. These generators provide a reliable power source for your home when electricity is down, allowing you to continue using essential appliances and electronics during emergencies. 

Generator choices range from smaller units that can power one or two appliances to generators large enough to power an entire house. You won’t even know the power is out because many automatically kick on when you lose electricity. No matter what the weather brings, you’ll have peace of mind.  

5. Propane Lawn Mowers  

Propane lawn mowers are mainly used by landscaping professionals, and they’re a great way to make your lawn care routine more eco-friendly. Along with producing fewer emissions, propane mowers are known to be much quieter and require less maintenance than their gasoline-powered counterparts. If you want to “go green” and keep your lawn green at the same time, do some research and consider hiring a landscaping company that uses propane-powered lawn mowers and other equipment.

Want to learn more about how propane fits into your day-to-day life?

  1. Is your pool above ground?    

    Above-ground pools lose heat at a faster rate than in-ground pools and require a stronger heating unit.

  1. How large is your pool?    

    The size of your pool will determine which size unit and how many BTUs you will need to heat your pool most efficiently. 

  1. What kind of climate do you live in?    

    If you live in an area where the changing seasons mean dramatic temperature shifts, you’ll want to choose a propane pool heater to extend your pool season! When the evenings get cool, you’ll still be enjoying a refreshing dip with family and friends.


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