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What are the best propane generators?


Losing electricity is a frightening situation for everyone. The kids and pets are confused and scared. The refrigerator and freezer are chock-full of groceries purchased earlier in the day. You're not even sure if you remembered to charge your phone last night!

Storms and other not-so-friendly acts by Mother Nature can leave neighborhoods without power for days, sometimes weeks. Thankfully, propane-powered generators are available to keep the lights and all much-needed appliances on – even when others on your street remain in the dark. 

How do backup generators work? 

A backup generator is an appliance that is either permanently affixed to your home's electrical system or is a portable unit that can power a few appliances. Many look a lot like air conditioning units and are located next to a home in the same manner.  

Having their own fuel source, propane generators are ready to power your home. Propane generators are mechanical devices that produce electricity by converting motorized power from the combustion of propane into electrical energy.  

Propane vs. diesel? 

Backup generators are fueled by either propane or diesel. Our biases aside, propane is more environmentally friendly than diesel, and propane generators are much quieter to operate.

Finally, let’s not forget that propane has a longer shelf life than diesel too! That’s right, while both diesel and traditional gasoline degrade with time, propane never goes bad. 

What sizes are available? 

When shopping for a propane generator, the number of options can be a tad overwhelming. Both portable and standby generators are available. 


A portable generator runs on a standard barbecue propane tank and provides electricity for a short amount of time, usually a few hours. A standby propane generator is larger than its portable counterpart and can provide electricity for several days.  

Standby generators are fueled by a larger propane tank that is either dedicated to the generator or is used to run other propane-burning appliances in your home or commercial space. 

Which option is best for you? 

Not surprisingly, the best propane generator option depends on the unique needs of the owner. For example, a portable generator is a great option for those with RVs or who need to power a couple of appliances for a short period. On the other hand, standby generators can provide backup to entire homes and buildings for a longer period. 

If you decide to purchase a propane generator, there are tools available to guide you. Generac, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home standby generators, has a useful tool on its website that allows visitors to get generator recommendations based on location and square footage. 

Losing electricity is more than a minor inconvenience. For some, it can be a matter of life and death. Choose a propane-powered backup generator (and Ferrellgas as your propane provider!) for peace of mind every time.