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How to heat an off-grid home


What was once a unique way of living is becoming for many a more popular and desired lifestyle. We’re talking, of course, about living off the grid. It’s a concept that has varying definitions among its most ardent fans, but we’re referring here to those who define off-grid living as simply living a more sustainable life and reducing the resources they consume.

It’s not exactly leaving the world behind, more like giving the two of you a much-needed break. And while it may not be the lifestyle for everyone, those with the itch and desire for independence and self-reliance can achieve just that by unplugging from the electric grid.  

Just as Ferrellgas is the only propane brand committed to Fuel Life Simply, the propane we use to safely fill cylinders and tanks of all sizes can also play a significant role in simplifying the off-grid living experience. Here are a few of the ways propane contributes to the ease and enjoyment of off-grid living. 

  • Cooking - Lower energy costs and greater heat control compared to electricity have long been the primary benefits of cooking with propane. Those benefits certainly extend to those wishing to live off the grid as well.
  • Water heating - Propane is ideal for heating water off the grid because it is easily transportable and widely available.
  • Clothes drying - If you really want to rough it, you can always string a line and hang your clothes to dry, but drying clothes with propane has a number of benefits as well.

Solar panels are a much-discussed topic among those interested in pursuing off-grid life. Did you know that propane serves as the perfect backup to solar water heating and is a great complement to other appliances in off-grid cottages and homes? 

There are a number of states that have been deemed the most compatible with an off-grid lifestyle. Those thinking about making the changeover to off-grid living need to keep a number of important considerations in mind. After all, the joys that come with living off the grid should not be offset by headaches in getting there. A number of states have legalized off-grid living and offered a higher standard of living for those choosing to do so. Other states discourage off-grid living through laws that limit the ability of residents to unplug from the electric grid and disconnect from the sewer system.

Interested in learning more about off-grid living and the ways Ferrellgas can help you achieve it? Simply initiate a chat with a Ferrellgas representative from anywhere on our website or call any of the hundreds of Ferrellgas offices nationwide.