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Remote Propane Tank Monitoring: What is It and How Does It Work?


AUTHOR: Ferrellgas

Propane tanks can be a bit of a mystery. You know it’s there and that the propane inside powers your home but otherwise, your propane tank is likely out of sight, out of mind. Until it runs low on propane, that is.  

That’s where remote propane tank monitoring comes in handy.  

Sure, homeowners can read tank gauges by walking outside to their tanks, but remote propane tank monitors are the more convenient option. They attach to your propane tank and provide measurements of the propane levels inside on the spot. With these real-time results, which are available to you and your provider online, propane providers can help identify the ideal refill schedule while homeowners can continue to enjoy the convenience of propane without disruption. 

How to check propane tank levels

There are a handful of ways to check your propane levels. Some are more hands-on than others. Here’s a quick rundown of common methods:

  • Check the gauge on your tank

    Every Ferrellgas propane tank that is installed outside someone’s home or business has a percentage gauge under the dome. If you don’t have a tank monitor, you’ll have to walk out to your propane tank on a regular schedule to see how much propane you have left. We recommend giving us a call when your tank reaches 30% to schedule a refill, or seven business days before you anticipate needing a refill.  

  • Using Propane Tank Monitoring

    As we mentioned above, a propane tank monitor is a device that attaches to your tank and measures the propane level automatically. So, with a remote monitoring system in place, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to walk out to your tank to check the level. Instead, you’ll get real-time information about your propane levels in perhaps the easiest, most convenient way. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can check your tank levels anywhere, any time by using  


How your remote propane tank monitoring works

The way your monitor measures propane levels depends on the model you choose. Some monitors use ultrasonic sensors to measure the level of propane in the tank, while others use pressure sensors, and some simply read the gauge. Once that information is collected, it’s then wirelessly communicated to your provider’s central system where it becomes viewable on their management platform. It’s important to note that you need to live in an area with a strong, reliable cellular signal for remote monitoring to work properly.

The benefits of a cellular propane tank monitor

Having the ability to monitor propane tank levels from anywhere at any time brings a whole new level of convenience to the propane experience. No more manual tank checks or running out of propane when it’s needed most. Just a steady supply of propane and peace of mind.  

What’s the difference between a propane tank gauge and remote propane monitoring?

When looking for ways to monitor the propane levels in your tank, you might come across two common devices: a propane tank gauge and a propane tank monitor. While they both serve the same basic purpose of measuring the level of propane in your tank, there are key differences between the two: 

  • Propane Tank Gauge

    A simple, manual device, a propane tank gauge is located on your propane tank and gives you a visual indication of the propane level. These gauges are typically analog and similar to a gas gauge in a car, because there’s a needle that moves to indicate the level of propane in the tank. 

  • Remote Propane Tank Monitoring

    Propane tank monitors are a more advanced devices that uses technology to measure your propane levels at any given time. These monitors are typically digital and can provide real-time levels through  

How Auto Fill can make your life easier 

Want to Fuel Life Simply and take things one step further? Give us a call to ask about remote tank monitoring. Remote monitoring availability of service and cost will vary by region, but you can find more information here. By using a tank monitor with remote monitoring and being credit approved, you may be eligible for our free propane delivery program. It’s a great pairing that makes propane even easier. Let us take “schedule propane delivery” off your to-do list with our Auto Fill service.  

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