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Tips on how to lower your energy bill


It pays to be budget-conscious. Money saved is, after all, money earned. And whether you’re the type who chooses to invest what is saved, set it aside for the next rainy day, or treat yourself to something nice, it can be a lot of fun to save your hard-earned money.

We’ll be the first to admit how nice it is specifically to save on utilities. That’s why we’re always more than happy to share every helpful recommendation we have to help customers stretch their energy dollar. The good news is there are a number of convenient ways to lower your energy bill without sacrificing any of the comfort and convenience of your propane appliances.

Make the switch to propane!

Did you know that making the switch to propane or, if you’re already in a propane home, replacing any electric appliance with a propane unit is a great way to lower your annual energy expenses? According to the Propane Education & Research Council, Energy Star®-rated propane water heaters can help homeowners save up to 20 percent in annual energy costs when compared to standard electric and heating oil units. Rebate opportunities are often available in many states to homeowners who make the switch to certain propane appliances. Be sure to ask your local Ferrellgas representative about rebate opportunities in your area next time you call or initiate a chat with us.

Know what can influence the price of propane

Many don’t realize the variety of factors that can influence the price of propane, but it’s important to keep them in mind as part of your comprehensive approach to energy savings the next time you speak with a Ferrellgas representative. The price of crude oil and increased demand brought on by cold temperatures, for example, are two things that can have an influence. Even though these and other factors are outside of your control, it can still be helpful to pay attention to the right headlines and time your next purchase ahead of any events that may lead to short-term or long-term price increases.

Follow these energy-savings tip

No matter what the time of year, there are always a few simple things you can do around the house to help lower your propane bill. Here are a few of our favorites to keep in mind:

  • Lower water heating costs by turning down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120 degrees F). The default setting for most manufacturers is 140 degrees, but unless you’re soaking dishes in boiling water, there isn’t much difference in turning it down to 120 degrees.
  • Schedule service for your heating system with a qualified technician. A heating system that operates efficiently is the one that that will save homeowners most. Contact a qualified technician to ensure yours is performing as efficiently as possible.
  • During the winter months when propane usage is typically at its highest, remember to turn the thermostat down when you’re away at work or for any prolonged period. Save your propane for when you’re there to enjoy it most with friends and family.
  • Keep your heating vents clear of rugs, furniture, and any other item that will prevent heated air from circulating properly and your furnace from working overtime.

At Ferrellgas, we like to think of ourselves as so much more than the nation’s leading propane company, although it’s a claim we’re proud to get to make. We also think of ourselves as energy consultants and the experts capable of helping our customers make the most informed decisions for their home. That’s what you get when you switch to Ferrellgas.

Not enjoying the same great service offered by the propane experts at Ferrellgas? Give us a call to see just how easy it is to make the switch. You can also get today’s propane price or chat with us from anywhere on this website. No one makes buying propane (and saving) easier than Ferrellgas!

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